Dancing and Domination!

I just pulled myself out of bed about 2 hours ago after a very long night. It was fun but took a very surprising turn! I'll get to that later though.

Last night I went out on a date with a new client we'll call Mr. Leather. He was in his mid 30's and running a very successful company. When we spoke on the phone to schedule the date he told me he was attending a charity event that he was on the committee for so his attendance was pretty much a must. He was looking for a date for the party and as he put it, "some kinky fun afterwards." Clearly it was going to be totally different night than last Saturday which I was very grateful for! He said the party wasn't supposed to be very formal but everyone was expected to wear white. I can work with that! The event was to benefit childhood cancer research and it was very successful. He also made a point to let me know he loves something sexy hiding beneath a nice dress which made shopping and getting dressed pretty easy. I wish all the dates came with such laid out requests.

Anyway, I found the perfect dress for the party that I literally fell in love with! I found it at Saks Fifth Avenue and there was no way I was going in anything else. It was absolutely perfect. Here's the pictures from the site.

Don't you love it? It fit the must wear white guidelines but had a fun touch to it with the bright orange. I especially loved the orange strip down the back along the zipper. Very sexy. Underneath I went for matching strapless lace bra and panties also in an orange color. Plus I threw lace stockings and a garter belt into my purse for later in the night. To top it off I had 3 1/2 inch strappy heels and a partial updo. When the car arrived to pick me up I was actually really looking forward to the date.

Turns out it was more party than anything and far from a stuffy formal event. There was even a DJ and it seemed everyone was there to have a good time as well as donate money. Mr. Leather also really loved to dance and I think we spent the majority of the night on the dance floor. What's more fun than a guy who can actually dance? Being handsome and fit didn't hurt either. Quite a few of the women were staring at him and I was having a ball. The dress was a big hit too. I got a enthusiastic "sexy" from Mr. Leather and two women asked where I bought it while in the ladies room. Flattery really is a girl's best friend!

After hours of dancing and fun Mr. Leather started thinking less about the party and more about what was in his pants. As we were leaving he told me he had a bit of a surprise that he hoped I enjoyed as much as he did. He had already given the hint that something kinky was coming but I had no idea what was waiting for me. Turns out, one of the bedrooms in his high rise condo had been specially renovated. To what you ask? A bondage sex room. Yes, this man has an entire room dedicated to his fetish! I had never seen anything like it and wish I had a chance to snap a picture. The room was a leather heaven with whips, blindfolds, handcuffs and paddles galore. There was also a chair and table designed for bondage plus hooks in the wall for chaining. I can't say I'm experienced in this world but I always found it intriguing. Plus, he also took it upon himself to purchase a dominatrix outfit for me to wear during our night of fun. I can definitely say it's a gift I had never been given before and the quality was impressive. I don't have a picture to share but trust me it's the definition of sexy.

Mr. Leather has apparently been doing this for a while and very into it. He already had an outfit for himself and was very excited to get started. Very excited. He wasn't into being treated like a wimp or anything which I was thankful for since that is so not a turn on. He just enjoyed being slightly dominated and then returning the favor. I actually had a blast and was impressed at how skilled and gentle he was. I can honestly say I've learned I like being handcuffed and if you throw in a blindfold it's even more fun! I wouldn't normally put myself in such a vulnerable position on a first date with a man but he was so gentle and concerned for my comfort that I went for it. He even came up with a safe word for us both if anything ever got out of hand. I never used mine. ;-)

The sex itself was actually pretty good. He very much likes to enjoy himself. By the time we were done and a couple rounds of different S&M activities I was pretty spent. It's quite a work-out! When the car arrived to take me back home I left completely satisfied and exhausted. I'm so glad I don't have anything scheduled in the next few days. Recovery time is very important! Oh and I also had $6,500 sitting in my Chanel purse and a request for future dates from Mr. Leather to which I will being responding to with a definite yes!

What a night!
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All business business date.

I'm not really starting this blog out too well since I've only written one post and that was almost a week ago! So horrible. Hopefully it will become a habit soon so I can really get it going. I've had several dates since my last post but I guess I'll share my most recent one.

Saturday night I had a date with a new client, one no one else in the agency had been out with. These are always a little extra exciting and sometimes make me a little nervous. Yes, I do get nervous! You just never know who you're going to meet and some men are a little strange. I know they've been checked out as much as possible and that gives some peace of mind but there's still that little voice in the back of your mind wondering if this is the one that will be a real freak. He sounded nice but somewhat shy on the phone. Actually he even sounded a little nervous which I'm not used to at all. Usually the men are very confident and honestly it's always bit of a turn on. This guy just sounded like he wasn't sure what to say and has probably never done something quite like this before. But it's fine, I was ready to walk him through it and I'm usually pretty good at making people feel comfortable (I don't mean that in a sexual way.)

Anyway, I only had two hours notice to get ready for the date since another girl he was originally scheduled with backed out at the last second. The agency frowns on last minute cancellations but no one is going to force anyone out on a date. So they called me asking if I could take her place even though I had requested no dates for the night. I wanted a night in but I felt bad that the guy was left hanging with so little notice so I agreed. When I called him he was relieved that someone else was able to step in but like I said the nervousness was definitely in his voice. So getting ready was sort of a rush to pick my outfit and decide on hair and make-up. Since he seemed very reserved I went for a conservative look that would fit in at the business dinner we were attending. He had already been informed of the rates through the agency as usual but he gave no hint that he had any plans or expectations for after the dinner. Either way, I was looking forward to going out even though my original plan was curling up on a couch watching a movie.

I arrived at the party where I met up with my date for the night who we'll call Mr. No Smiles. Like I suspected he was very quiet. Didn't really say too much to me other than the basic small talk. He introduced me as his date and not a single person asked how we met or any of the typical questions. I got the impression that all his colleagues have just accepted that Mr. No Smiles is very reserved and doesn't seem to really engage in social conversation. I was actually wondering why he attended at all since he seemed to have no real interest in talking with any of the people he worked with. Honestly? I would bet he doesn't even like anyone there. I soon found out the reason he attended when he informed me that he was being recognized for an account he worked on and that's all the information he offered up. I just had to pretend I knew what was going on and continue to keep him engaged. It wasn't easy since he was probably the least interesting person I've ever met. Wow, that sounds kind of bitchy but it's true. My work was cut out for me.

After 3 hours and a very short and uninspired speech by Mr. No Smiles later he stated that he would now like to leave. As we waited out front for the valet to bring his car he thanked me for my company and said he may call on me again. That was it. Payment was made and he got in his car and left. I was floored! I've never had that happen or anything even close. Granted I've only been doing this for a total of 4 months but I know this was a rare situation based on chats with the other girls. So I hailed a cab and went home still reeling from the night I just had. I was literally back in my apartment by 9:30pm. Seriously unheard of for me especially since I started doing this. The only good thing was I had $3,000 sitting in my clutch. Not bad for 3 hours. Yes it was 3 hours of boring but hey, whatever.

The weirdest part? He sent me an email two days later thanking me for a fun evening. I don't know what date he was on because clearly we weren't on the same one. I had more fun traveling to and from the party than I did actually with him. And for anyone who has ever been in a New York taxi knows how much fun those can be. You can cue the eye roll now.

In the end, I still ended up having my night of movies since I was in so early. I guess you could say I sort of got my way and still ended up paid very well. I'm already scheduled for a date this Thursday and I'm really hoping for a fun night. The guy had a sexy voice so my fingers are crossed. =)
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Only the begining!

I've wanted to start this blog for a while and have really no idea why I waited. Well, it took me a while to be truly convinced I should start it. Wanting is one thing but actually believing I should because someone would want to read it is another. My friends won in the end though and here I am! I guess I should start with a little background.

Obviously my name is Tori (short for my middle name, Victoria) and I'm a 22 year old call girl. I'm currently living and working in NYC. I'm not originally from here though as I was born and raised in a smallish town in Ohio. I won't use the name since no one there has any idea what I do for a living and it's better that way. That's including my family especially my parents. They think I'm working in a department store which is a horrible lie compared to the real way I earn money but it would kill them to know the truth. I'm not ashamed of what I do but I know they would be. Have you ever shamed your parents? I don't really want to know what that feels like. My Dad still seems me as his innocent little girl and the images my true work would put in his head is not something I'm willing to inflict. I can handle the lying since they're better off not knowing. My brother has no idea as well. I could never confide in him since he wouldn't be able to help telling our parents. The whole protective older brother thing lives true in him. They're all happy thinking I'm selling clothing and accessories rather than my own body.

You're probably wondering how I even do this. Well, I can assure you no one is forcing me. I'm not under some pimp's control and I'm not doing this to support a drug addiction. Matter of fact, I've never even done a single drug let alone be addicted to one. I do work with an agency that brings the men to me but no one is forcing me to do anything. I decide when to accept dates and could walk away right this moment if I chose to. It's true the agency would be losing money since I would no longer be scheduling dates which is where their cut comes from but there are plenty other girls out there that would take my place in a heartbeat. Although they really take care of their girls, especially the ones that bring in regular and repeat business, we're all easily replaceable.

Finding a girl who is completely clean and can blend in at parties is getting harder and harder these days. The agency doesn't just accept anyone. You have to be drug free, child free and dress and act completely respectable for when the men expect you to accompany them to different events, especially business. That last part is actually one of the most important parts of the job. These men need to bring dates to the parties they attend but most have very little time to actually find a true date. They're usually very dedicated to their careers and simply can't date in the traditional way. Many times these men don't even want to. They see relationships as complications to their career since many women purposely hunt for wealthy men. They love their money and gold diggers are rampant. So, it's my job to dress up and attend their parties. I'm expected to mingle with the other guests and appear as though I'm dating this man. I guess you could say I'm sort of an actress and in those situations I am. I have to be charming and engaging with people I don't know and may never see again. I have to make them eat out of the palm of my hand to make the man look good. Then when the event is over we either part ways or return to his place for sex. The better you are at playing this role the better you're paid and the better the chances are the men become regulars.

That's the reason they're willing to pay so much. The scheduling fees the agency charges plus my hourly rates seem like nothing to them if it serves the purpose they're looking for. The agency has a reputation among these men as providing clean well put together girls and that peace of mind is worth every dollar or should I say worth every thousand. When you prove that you can hold your own among their group of friends and colleagues then they make sure they keep you happy. That's where the gifts come in. It's partly to keep them appealing to the girl and because they like to show off. They know there are plenty of men requesting dates from the agency and if they keep the girl happy she's more willing to accept repeat dates. Even though they're the ones paying, they know there’s always someone else just as willing. The best dates are always in demand and the men have to keep the girl happy before someone else steals her away. It's all very competitive but its works out in my better interest. The more they want me for a date they more they pay, and the harder they try to keep my attention. But when they don't call again there are no hard feelings because someone else will just take their place.

This probably sounds almost like a game and I guess in some ways it is. That's the way life is though, we all play our own little games and we all like to see ourselves profit. Everything in my job is business. No emotions, no attachments and no strings. It serves a purpose for the men and it serves one for me. Knowing that going in basically numbs each person from ever seeing it as more. I've never fallen for any of my dates and I don't ever see it happening. I know I'm as much of a client of theirs as they are to me and no one in the situation wants it to be anything more. If and when I want a relationship that is not he scene I will be looking for it in. The same can be said for the men. If they decide they want a real relationship and even marriage, they will not be calling the agency looking for one.

I'm sure you're wondering how I ended up with this as my job. There's no real story behind it other than a friend referred me. I was actually insulted at first and we didn't speak for a couple of days but eventually I decided to at least meet with the agency. After discussing at length the ins and outs I decided to give it a try. I planned to only do it a few times to pay off debt and get a little bit of a savings building but I ended up enjoying it. That may sound crazy to you but its really simple why. I get to dress up and attend all kinds of parties on a very regular basis. I meet all sorts of people and usually have quite a lot of fun. Yes there's sex involved but who doesn't like sex? Sometimes it's even great sex which is a bonus. In the end, my bills are paid, I can do whatever I want and money is never a worry. Doesn't sound half bad to me! The gifts are fun to since what girl doesn't enjoy being showered with presents? My bestie even has quite a lot of them since raiding my closet is one of her favorite things.

All in all, it's a pretty good life. Granted it's not for everyone but it's working for me. One day I will tire of it and I'll move on but for right now this is what I'm doing. And in the mean time I'll be sharing it all here. The men's names will never be published since privacy is an important part but everything else is good to go. Hopefully some real people will be reading soon and you'll be able to tell me what you really want to hear about.

Well, it's been a long night. I'll save the details for another post since this one is already so long. Time to get some sleep!

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